Equity and Access for All Students

    • All students deserve equitable access to quality education, regardless of a student’s background or location
    • Support initiatives to reduce achievement gaps and improve outcomes for all students, regardless of students’ background or location

Teacher Support and Teacher Retention

    • Promote policies that attract and retain talented teachers
    • Bridge and support needs of our school’s teachers to support them in meeting the needs of their students

Parent and Community Engagement

    • Encourage partnerships between schools, parents, and communities to enhance student success
    • Promote transparency and communication between the board of education and the public

 Curriculum and Standards

    • Work to ensure that state curriculum standards are rigorous, up-to-date, and meet the needs of all students
    • Support efforts to incorporate diverse perspectives, representation, and experiences into the curriculum

Safe and Inclusive Schools

    • Advocate for policies that create safe and inclusive learning environments for all students
    • Advocate for inclusive education practices that support the needs and learning of all students
    • Support anti-bullying initiatives and mental health resources and access in schools
    • Work to secure adequate and equitable funding to ensure special education services are accessible